New deal NSC

Uit een NSC-enquête die in mei 2018 onder de leden is gehouden, was de belangrijkste conclusie dat het de DP’s frustreert dat ze hun werk niet optimaal kunnen uitvoeren. Daarom dit manifest met suggesties om het werkproces te veranderen.

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NSC Investigates Film Making Process in The Netherlands

The Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC) conducted a survey among its members as a response to the Netherlands Film Production Incentive 2014-2017 evaluation. The aim was to find out whether the Film Fund's policy 'more money to less productions' and the Netherlands Film Production Incentive led to the intended changes in working conditions. The survey examines the relation between Film Fund, producers and creators.

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The Cinematographer as Co-Author

While cleaning up his archive film journalist Hans Beerekamp found several editions of the (small-scale published) Dutch film magazine Cineécri. In the third publication from 1965 he found a contribution by the late Robby Müller NSC, BVK (1940-2018). Just graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 1964 he writes about the collaboration with directors. Given the still actual content we have translated the article for a wide audience.

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