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The NSC is a society with a quality mark. Active members demand equality between members and consider any other member capable of demonstrating the technical, creative and logistic skills belonging to the profession of Director of Photography.

Membership is by invitation only of a minimum of two Directors of Photography who are NSC member. Nominations need to be supported in writing by these members who are convinced that the candidate excels in at least three main credits per category: feature films, tv drama, documentaries, or commercials.

The NSC Board will propose the nominations to the annual general meeting. Submitted members are allowed to add to their name the abbreviation NSC.
If conditions are not fulfilled but the nominee’s qualities demonstrate a level of excellence, the NSC Board is entitled to propose the candidate to the general meeting.
Associate membership is for those who do not yet meet the conditions. Requests include curriculum vitae, letter of motivation and two substantiated nominations.
You can mail your request to
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