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JEUK V 2017

Director: Job Gosschalk / Elzelien Peters Production: Kemna&Zonen Cast: Thomas Acda, Jelka van Houten, Peter Heerschop, Rosa Reuten

Soof : Een nieuw begin 2017

Director: Anne de Clerq / Pieter van Rijn / Frank Krom

De 12 van Oldenheim 2016

Director: Anne van der Linden / Remy van Heugten

Bloedverwanten III 2013

Director: Anne van der Linden / Pieter van Rijn Production: Kemna & Zonen/ IDtv

't Schaep in Mokum 2012

Director: Pieter van Rijn / Frank Krom Production: Kemna & Zonen / KRO

Matterhorn 2012

Director: Diederik Ebbinge Production: Column Film

The Devil's Double 2010

Director: Lee Tamahori Production: Corrino / Staccato
* THE ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE (NL 2012) Arri Alexa, "B" camera Operator *NEW KIDS NITRO ( NL 2011) REDone, Steadicam operator *BROKEN PROMISE ( NL 2010) REDone, Steadicam operator *ALLE TIJD (NL 2010) 35MM 1st AC A-camera, Steadicam operator *THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE (UK/NL 2010 ) REDone Steadicam operator / 1st AC B-camera *HET DUEL TOT DE D...ANS (NL 2010) REDone Steadicam operator *OI..CLOWNS ( AN HOMMAGE TO FEDERICO FELLINI ) (NL 2009) HD Steadicam operator *KOMT EEN VROUW BIJ DE DOKTER (NL 2009 ) 35mm Steadicam operator *SINTERKLAASJOURNAAL ( NL 2009 ) REDone Steadicam operator *LEX ( NL 2009, post production) DVcam Camera operator *DEAD MAN RUNNING (UK 2008, in post production ) 35mm "A" camera operator / Steadicam operator *DOGHOUSE (UK 2008 ) REDone "A" camera operator / Steadicam operator *SPION VAN ORANJE (NL 2008) 35mm Steadicam operator *OORLOGSWINTER / WINTER IN WARTIME (NL 2008) 35mm "A" camera assistant *VOOR EEN DUBBELTJE (NL 2008) s16mm Steadicam operator *BRIEF AAN DE KONING (NL 2008) 35mm camera assistant Underwater unit *MORRISON (NL 2007) HD "B" camera / Steadicam operator *THE BRIDGE OF LIES / CAUGHT IN THE ACT (UK 2007) HD "A" camera operator/ Steadicam operator *ZOMERHITTE (NL 2007) 35mm Steadicam operator *DE SCHEEPSJONGENS VAN BONTEKOE NL 2007) 35mm ( camera assistant OW Unit (Jan Wich) *WAAR IS HET PAARD VAN SINTERKLAAS? (NL 2007) s16mm Steadicam operator *RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER (UK 2007) HD "A" camera operator/Steadicam operator/ 2nd unit DOP *MIXED BAG ( OR WHAT'S IN A DREAM) NL 2007) s16mm ( Steadicam operator *ALLES IS LIEFDE (NL 2006) 35mm Steadicam operator *ROLLIN' WITH THE NINES (UK 2005) HD "A" camera operator *KRUISTOCHT IN SPIJKERBROEK (Crusade in jeans) (NL/UK 2005) HD focus puller B-unit *IK OMHELS JE MET 1000 ARMEN (NL 2005) 35mm Steadicam operator *JOHAN (NL 2005) 35mm focus puller / Steadicam operator *KNETTER! (NL 2005) HD focus puller *LEPEL (NL 2004) HD focus puller / Steadicam operator *IN ORANJE (NL 2004) 35mm focus puller / Steadicam operator *LIEVER VERLIEFD (NL 2003) 35mm focus puller *FEESTJE! (NL 2003) 35mm focus puller *MOONLIGHT ( UK/NL 2002) 35mm focus puller/ *Steadicam operator *THE LOST BATTALION (US 2001) 35mm Steadicam operator / camera operator "B" /stunt unit *SOUL ASSASIN (US/NL 2001) 35mm focus puller / Steadicam operator *WILDE MOSSELS (NL 2000) 35mm Steadicam operator Commercials Working experience from 1992 on over 700 commercials. As focuspuller, 1st AC. , and camera operator. From tabletop to aerial photograpy and everything in between. Commercial D.O.P. *TMF " Laad je op" *Comedy Central " HvdT" *Vlisco fabrics " Tableau Vivant" "Dazzling Graphics" " Nouvelle Histoire" *Mediq apotheek " Huid" " Herhaalgemak" Muziek Video's D.O.P./ Director Vandenberg, 2Bass Hit, J-Rock, Chiara, Jose Bueno. Focus Puller Coldplay, Tricky, Simon Webbe, Womack& Womack Marco Borsato, Kane, Anouk, Evelyn, Gordon, the Opposites, Lange Frans & Baas B, Di-Rect, PLS, Beatkidz and many more Live concerts Rolling Stones, Shakira, BlØF Herman Brood, Nigel Kennedy, Lange Frans & Baas B, Robert Leroy and others. Television drama * Klovn ( pilot Kemna & Zonen 2012) camera operator * 't Schaep ( IDTV /KRO 2012) focus puller * Bloedverwanten ( IDTV/ Avro 2009) focus puller * Bloedverwanten II ( IDTV/ Avro 2011) focus puller * 't Spaanse Schaep ( IDTV/ Kro 2010 ) focus puller * Sesamstraat ( NTR, 2010) Steadicam operator * Rembrandt ( EO, 2010) Steadicam operator * Van Speijk focus puller (seizoen 2005& 2006) * Stroop (VPRO) Steadicam operator * De grotten van Han van Vloten (VPRO) Steadicam operator Corporate films Canon, KLM, Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer, Schiphol and many more. Miscellaneous *Nederland zingt (EO) Steadicam operator *Werk zat? (RVU) Steadicam operator *Paradiso LIVE ! (VPRO) Steadicam operator Special skills *Steadicam, including hard mount, Quad mount, crane *s16mm *s35mm, 35mm 3perf *Arriflex ALEXA *RED ONE/ Scarlet/ Epic *HD ( Sony 750, 900, 900R, Arri D20, Vyper ) *Digibeta *XDcam *Sony EX-1, 2, 3 / Panasonic P2 *DV *Canon 5D/7D/1D DSLR Underwater camera assistant Countries: US, UK, Antigua, Australia, Argentina, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Trinidad, Tobago, Mexico, Finland, Malta, almost every country in Europe, Kenia, Marokko, Egypte, China, Hong Kong, Thailand. Languages: Dutch, English, German. Preferences: Features, Steadicam and camera operating. Additional info: Focuspuller since 1994 Steadicam operator since 1998 Camera operator Music Video Director / 2nd Unit D.O.P Divemaster / Underwater Camera assistant Experience : 15 years

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