The NSC has published 'Shooting Time', a collection of conversations with Directors of Photography who talk about their profession in the era of transition from analog to digital cinema. The conversations center around two main areas: film language and digital revolution.
How does each DoP employ his own visual style or 'film language'? Do the new tools transform the profession of the DoP and do they affect the language and visual outlook of cinema?

The DoP's interviewed include:

Luciano Tovoli,  Vilmos Zsigmond, Anton van Munster, Robby Müller, Dante Spinotti,  Christian Berger,  Slawomir Idziak,  Frederick Elmes,  Walther van den Ende, Edward Lachman,  Roger Deakins,  Maryse Alberti, Bruno Delbonnel,  PieterVermeer,  Benoit Debie,  Melle van Essen,  Nicolas Provost,  Alexis Zabe,  Matyas Erdely.

editors Richard van Oosterhout, Maarten van Rossem, Peter Verstraten

paperback | 224 pp | 15 x 20 cm

language | english | ISBN 9789460830617


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