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genomineerd voor Oscar


Belgische film ‘Close’ van Lukas Dhont genomineerd voor Oscar, gedraaid door DoP Frank van den Eeden NSC SBC.

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Ceremony & IFFR Talk


Sunday 29 januari 2023 the French cinematographer Hélène Louvart will receive the 4th annual Robby Müller Award. The award honours an outstanding ‘image maker’ in the spirit of Robby Müller. The ceremony followed by the IFFR Talk is from

16.00 - 18.00 uur at De Doelen, Rotterdam.

all NSC members register at

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by Ties Versteegh


Thursday 19th Januari, the NSC ran a new informal event hosted by Camalot and Vocas in which the Arri Alexa 35 and the Sony Venice 2 were showcased to their members at Pont 13 - Amsterdam.

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by Nina da Costa


A stunning film, a glorious homage to modern dance and one of its premier authors and the best justification of 3D technology to date.

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versie 10.0


Met ingang van 10 januari 2023 is het  COVID-19 protocol voor de AV-sector geactualiseerd; versie 10.0 In het protocol zijn wijzigingen ten opzichte van de vorige versie gemarkeerd met een oranje streep. Dit betreft onder meer de extra voorzorgsmaatregelen voor reizigers van en naar China en het advies om waar mogelijk CO2-meters te gebruiken om de luchtkwaliteit in verblijfsruimten te monitoren.

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No plans on retiring any time soon

Piotr Kukla


Fantastic. Piotr Kukla will often use that word in this interview when he is talking about something or someone. Full of love for the directors he has worked with for years, and where storyboarding is sacred. A conversation with Kukla round the corner from where he lives, in a café in The Hague in November 2022.

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Never in charge, always a guest

Sander Snoep


Sander Snoep has been a well-known player in the Dutch documentary scene for years and would never have expected to still be so passionate about his profession.

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In a hurry to make that one masterpiece

Paul Özgür


“When I saw Y tu mama tambien (Alfonso Cuarón, 2001) as a fifteen-year-old kid, I was so moved! It is still my most favorite film. But it isn’t like I thought right then and there that I wanted to do something in film.”

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Recent work

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