A photograph of Grimm Vandekerckhove A photograph of Robby Müller taking a polaroid picture



"Grimm Vandekerckhove is a new yet already established voice and a true discovery among the new generation of international cinematographers. With profound commitment and a wondrous tranquility he captures details and hidden shades of everyday existence in his own singular way that mirrors the emotionally moving images of Robby Müller.” - jury RMA

In remembrance of Robby Müller and as a tribute to his legacy, the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC), the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), and Andrea Müller-Schirmer established the Robby Müller Award in 2020. The award is presented annually for exceptional artistic contributions to film. It honours an image maker who has created an authentic, credible and emotionally striking visual language. The aim of the Robby Müller Award is to stimulate originality and artistry in international arthouse cinema and to encourage today’s cinematographers and filmmakers to open their eyes and experiment, to find a more outspoken way of visual narration. Film is an art that has to progress, that has to evolve.



2024 - Het Parool

2024-01-31 - Joost Broeren - Huitenga

Interview with Grimm Vandekerckhove about Robby Müller's work and winning the award.

2024 - AFC

2024-01-18 - AFC

Interview with Grimm Vandekerckhove about the Robby Müller Award 2024


2024-01-17 - NSC

How Grimm Vandekerckhove is known for the subtler way in which he captures the inner world of characters, such as that of a cleaning lady on a nighttime journey home in GHOST TROPIC (2019)

2024 - Filmkrant

2024-01-17 - Dana Linssen

'Time is Everything in Cinema' - Grimm Vandekerckhove about winning the Robby Müller Award.

2024 ROBBY MÜLLER AWARD goes to GRimm Vandekerckhove

2023-12-12 - IFFR / NSC

The recipient for the fifth annual Robby Müller Award is Belgian cinematographer Grimm Vandekerckhove, renowned for his delicate, humanist work with filmmaker Bas Devos, amongst others. The award pays homage to the craft of artists working behind the lens, in the spirit of the late, celebrated cinematographer Robby Müller.

IFFR - blog

2023-12-11 - IFFR

Robby Müller Award 2024: Grimm Vandekerckhove

Each year, IFFR acknowledges the craft of an outstanding image maker with the Robby Müller Award, given in collaboration with the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC) and Andrea Müller-Schirmer, the wife of the late Dutch cinematographer Robby Müller.


2023-01-30 - Rafa Sales Ross

Robby Müller Award Recipient Hélène Louvart Says Working With Olivia Colman Made Her Job ‘Easier’

2023 - Filmkrant

2023-01-29 - Omar Larabi

Robby Müller Award-winnaar Hélène Louvart. 'Wij proberen dromen concreet te maken'

2023 - AFC

2022-12-29 - AFC

Hélène Louvart, AFC, winner of the "Robby Müller Award" 2023

IFFR - blog

2022-12-15 - IFFR

Robby Müller Award 2023: Hélène Louvart

The Robby Müller Award is a collaboration between IFFR, the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC) and Andrea Müller-Schirmer, Robby Müller’s wife. For our upcoming edition the award goes to French cinematographer Hélène Louvart, whose cinematography is also featured in Limelight title, Un petit frère by director Léonor Serraille.


2022-02-05 - Marta Balaga

‘I Approach Things With Heart’: Robby Müller Award Recipient Sayombhu Mukdeeprom on Cinematography

2022 - Filmkrant

2022-02-04 - Laura van Zuylen

Big Talk Sayombhu Mukdeeprom: 'Ik had twee lenzen: een 35mm en nog een 35mm'

IFFR - blog

2022-02-02 - IFFR

Robby Müller Award 2022 : Sayombhu Mukdeeprom

Acclaimed for his collaborations with filmmakers Luca Guadagnino and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, including the latter’s world premiere of Mysterious Object at Noon at IFFR 2000, Thai cinematographer Sayombhu Mukdeeprom returns to IFFR 2022 to receive the third annual Robby Müller Award. With the award, the jury celebrates his ongoing contribution to contemporary cinema and visual culture, and explains, “we believe his approach has not only put a significant mark on the global auteur cinema of the 21st Century, but it also echoes the classic ethics and aesthetics of Robby Müller.”


2021-02-06 - Anne-Marie Corvin

‘First Cow’ Director Kelly Reichardt on the ‘Daily Process of Making Art’

Accepting the Robby Muller award online this week, ahead of a talk at the International Film Festival Rotterdam to celebrate her work, Kelly Reichardt appeared delighted with its form.

2021 ROBBY MÜLLER AWARD goes to Kelly Reichardt

2020-10-29 - IFFR / NSC

Kelly Reichardt will receive the second annual Robby Müller Award. As part of the award, she will also receive a gallery print of one of Robby Müller’s Polaroids.

ROBBY MÜLLER AWARD beloont eigen, originele beeldtaal

2020-01-27 - Het Parool

“Hij had ook talent om te fotograferen,” zegt Andrea Müller-Schirmer (1963), vrouw van de wereldberoemde cameraman Robby Müller die in 2018 op 77-jarige leeftijd overleed. Zij koos de door hem gemaakte polaroidfoto; de eerste winnaar van de Robby Müller Award krijgt als prijs daarvan een print.

Daily News Egypt - blog

2019-11-04 - DNE

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) announced on Sunday new titles to be screened during the 2020 edition, and will establish a new award after the late great cinematographer Robby Müller.

Robby Müller Award

2019-11-03 - IMAGO

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC) and Andrea Müller-Schirmer, the late cinematographer Robby Müller’s wife, have launched the Robby Müller Award. The award honours an ‘image maker’ (cinematographer, filmmaker or visual artist) who, in the spirit of Robby Müller, has created an authentic, credible and emotionally striking visual language throughout her/his oeuvre. The first award goes to Diego García and will be presented at IFFR 2020.

First ROBBY MÜLLER AWARD goes to Diego García

2019-10-30 - IFFR / NSC

The Robby Müller Award honours an ‘image maker’ who, in the spirit of the late Robby Müller, has created an authentic, credible and emotionally striking visual language throughout their oeuvre. The first award goes to Diego García and will be presented at the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam.


List of Robby Müller Award winners
Winner Polaroid
Grimm Vandekerckhove
2024 - Grimm Vandekerckhove
Grimm Vandekerckhove
Full-Screen Image
Robby Müller, while shooting To Live and Die in L.A., Los Angeles, 1984 - 1985
Hélène Louvart
2023 - Hélène Louvart
Hélène Louvart
Full-Screen Image
Robby Müller - Hotel Miramare, Sestri Levante II, June 2, 1977 Polaroid
Sayombhu Mukdeeprom
2022 - Sayombhu Mukdeeprom
Sayombhu Mukdeeprom
Full-Screen Image
Robby Müller, Botanical garden, Berlin, 1980s Polaroid
Kelly Reichardt
2021 - Kelly Reichardt
Kelly Reichardt
Full-Screen Image
Robby Müller - Winter tree, Englischer Garten, Munich, 1980s Polaroid
Diego García
2020 - Diego García
Diego García
Full-Screen Image
Robby Müller - while shooting Down By Law - 1985 Polaroid

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