The NSC Board


Richard van Oosterhout


Ruud Dobber
Joris Bulstra
Josje van Erkel
Martijn Kalkhoven
Claire Pijman
Maarten van Rossem
Mick van Rossum
Herman Verschuur

Supporting members

Camera Rentals
Maloney Amsterdam

Latest members

Thijmen Doornik
Dirk-Jan Kerkkamp
Max Maloney

About the NSC

NSC is short for the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers.
The association stands for good governance and improving creative-, technical- and business opportunities under which camera people -DoP's- achieve their business goals.
Since the start of the association in 1994 the aim of NSC is to cooperate with national- and international organizations within the professional film industry.
Exchange of knowledge and cooperation between members is the major task of the society.
Membership takes place on invitation and introduction by NSC members. NSC also accepts associated and supporting members.
Relationships with respected and leading parties in the film- and television industry are encouraged based on the goals of the NSC society.
All members work by our NSC Code of Honour.

General Terms and Conditions

NSC Privacy Statement (Dutch)

The NSC is a proud member of IMAGO


The NSC is a society for professionals. Members are equal to each other and consider other members to have the technical, creative and logistic qualities belonging to the profession of Director of Photography.
Membership is by invitation of two NSC Directors of Photography, but has to be initiated by the new member.
Nominations for membership need to be endorsed in writing by those members who confirm that the candidate stands out with three or more main credits in these categories: feature films, tv-drama, documentaries, or commercials.
The NSC Board will submit the nominations to the annual general meeting. Accepted members are allowed to add to their name the abbreviation NSC.
If conditions are not fulfilled, but the nominee’s qualities demonstrate a level of excellence, the NSC Board reserves the right to submit the candidate to the general meeting.
Requests include curriculum vitae, letter of motivation and two substantiated nominations.

Associate membership is for those who do not (yet) meet these conditions and can be endorsed by one member.





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